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Shop Lionsphere's I Am High Vibes Collection

I am Good Vibes

Affirmations have a way of unlocking our potential if focused correctly. Whether it be while exercising or gallivanting about in the world, this collection of Lionsphere’s “I am..” design was created with the intention to give the wearer the opportunity to solidify high vibration. While this design was made to be more intimate, reminding YOU of what YOU really are, it also has the potential to attract other high vibing individuals with its bright contrasting color combos and empowering statements.

Affirmations: I am confident. I am successful. I am the light. I am love. I am powerful. I am secure. I am worthy. I am joyful. I am enough. I am valuable. I am flourishing. I am prosperity.

Shop Lionsphere's I & I Collection

I & I

I & I was designed with the Rastafari meaning in mind, that God is within all. Lionsphere aims to encourage this connection to the divine understanding of one love which unifies people to themselves, their greater purpose, and the innate goodness in all.

Shop Lionsphere's Infinity Tiger Collection

Infinity Tiger

“Tiger Tiger, burning bright, In the forests of the night. What immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry?” Eloquently wrote William Blake capturing the essence of the Tiger’s fiery, willful, and mysterious symbolism. These powerful, divine, creatures are featured in our Infinity Tiger design to emphasize the eternal and abundant nature of our desire to expand into our greatest potentials.

Shop Lionsphere's Gratitude Cycle Collection

Gratitude Cycle

Gratitude Cycle - If you step back out of your day to day, you can see how powerful focus as a human consciousness is. With a little deliberate intent to guide our mind and heart in the direction that serves our greater purpose, wild things are possible. It all begins with the vibration of Gratitude which flows into grace and is followed by blessings. When you know how it all works, you are always led right back into a Gratitude which allows you to shine out like a diamond!

Shop Lionsphere's Embody Lionsphere Collection

Embody Lionsphere

Lionsphere was born out of the intention to inspire deliberate focus of one’s worthiness, confidence, and connection. Our Embody Lionsphere design allows the wearer to bring their clarity into the world around them. Be empowered by that with which you want to be.

Shop Lionsphere's L is for Lionsphere Collection

L is for Lionsphere

Our signature cursive L encompassed in our favorite shape was designed to stand for what Lionsphere really is, the solution to every problem, the answer to every question… LOVE.

Shop Lionsphere's Blossom Collection


Soft and vulnerable is the blossom of a flourishing plant. Yet with its intoxicating scents, bright inviting colors and determination to reach for the sun, the flower is a perfect blend of strength and surrender. Lionsphere's Blossom design was drawn with this balanced divinity in mind.

Shop Lionsphere's Color Wheel Collection

Lionsphere Color Wheel

More than 80% of our thinking process is visual. So if thoughts create things, then the color palette provides the endless possibilities to print and capture that with which we put our deliberate focus on. Lionsphere's color wheel is a reminder that if you focus with your fierce desire to create that which you want to see more of in this world, this will give you true creative power!

Shop Lionsphere's Flourish Collection


Our Flourish design is simply to activate the vibration. Encouraging luxuriant growth, to thrive on purpose and allow wellbeing and success to prosper from within to without.

Shop Lionsphere's Share the Love Collection

Share the Love

Share the Love- Previously released during the BLM beginning but created premovement, Lionsphere wanted to share the love but without the old visual narrative of white skin with a black outline. We wanted the hands to be relatable for all persons of color. We wanted to express 1 love and unity. This design quickly took on a more expansive expression during 2020’s adversity and the awakening of such a powerful global movement. It also became one of Lionsphere’s founder, Emmanuel Love’s signature statement piece. After he passed away from cancer in late 2020 it began to embody all the feelings of that with which 2020 stirred up. Love is the answer to every question. Choose it, resonate, amplify and share it!

Shop Lionsphere's Courageous Beauty Collection

Courageous Beauty

The Protea flower is symbolic of courageous beauty, embracing one’s uniqueness, and diversity, while accepting inevitable change. Be bold enough to stand out in your grace and inherent value.

Shop Lionsphere's Inner Strength Collection

Inner Strength

Inspired from the Celtic symbol for Inner Strength, this design was drawn to encourage the connection of self to a greater wellbeing from an internal perspective. Once the strength and stability of wellbeing has been secured from within, we now have the opportunity and ability to shine our strengths outwardly and beyond.

Shop Lionsphere's Mandala Collection

Lionsphere Mandala

In various spiritual traditions mandalas represent the Universe and one’s desire for completeness & self-unity. Used in meditation as a tool to hold space, Lionsphere integrates the traditional concepts of the mandala with the intention to transform one's divinity into self awareness, expression, and alignment.

Shop Lionsphere's Speak It Collection

Speak It

The power of “word” is undisputed. It’s becoming a well known fact that our focus, especially written or spoken, can manifest our future experiences. Know your truth, write it down and speak it into existence. The seed that you plant, with focus and cultivation, will surely sprout.

Shop Lionsphere's Rise Align & Shine Collection

Rise, Align & Shine

When we take the time to quiet the chatter and find peace through meditation, the probability of clarity and alignment for our daily discovery is much more likely. When we align with ourselves and our source energy we become primed to shine that clarity and originality outward.

Shop Lionsphere's One of a Kind Collection


Every human being is a unique expression of divinity focused into a manifested form. We pride ourselves in creating One-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with individuals to further express your miraculous existence. Whether it be through our jewelry or our fabric applique creations, we're grateful for the opportunity to assist you in shining your beautiful light into this world.

Shop Art and decor by Lionsphere

Art & Decor

Artist and founder of Lionsphere, Shanna, love's to create her unique visions through repurposed, hand dyed, fair trade or US made fabric applique. You can also find other uplifting and empowering designs to adorn your home and lifestyle in our art & decor collection.

Shop Accessories by Lionsphere


Lionsphere offer's original hand crafted, fair traded & print on demand accessories for any & all life's occasions. We're always designing & expanding our products with your natural beauty in mind!


Love Line

Shanna, founder of Lionsphere, joined forces with her late husband, Emmanuel Love Borketey in late 2016. His vision was to bring the vibrant energy of his Ghanaian culture to the US. Lionsphere became a collaborative art and fashion brand, incorporating bold designs, collage, beadwork, and the colorful patterns and imagery of her husband’s roots. Sadly, Love passed away from Cancer in 2020, so in his memory Lionsphere continues to honor his intentions and spirit through our special Love Line. Lionsphere features the "Share the Love" design along with a few fair trade African goods sourced from his hometown in honor of his family and his daughter he left behind.

Shop Lionsphere Women's Collection

Women's Collection

As a woman owned business, Lionsphere desires deeply to help connect other women to their highest form of confidence & grace. Our designs aim to amplify your inner beauty along with giving all you Goddess's a way to express your authenticity.

Shop Lionsphere Men's Collection

Men's Collection

Lionsphere's collection for Men is continually expanding, with the desire to amplify the strength, stability, & divine nature of masculine energy. Express your visions & be truly influential with our unique streetwear designs.

Shop Lionsphere Kids' Collection

Kids' Collection

Children are the ultimate expression of divine energy, in their inherent joy, confidence and curiosity. Lionsphere's kid's collection was created to not only allow them to express themselves authentically but also give the opportunity to match your parents & siblings with our fun & colorful designs.

Shop Lionsphere Clearance


We may not be creating anymore of these or it's just time for us to move on to new visions, but either way our clearance section offers you an opportunity to pick up some of Lionsphere's designs at a discounted rate. In fact these same designs could become collectables in due time.