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Who is Lionsphere

Like the apparel, artwork, and decor she creates, Shanna Fiorucci’s Lionsphere embodies her journey towards joy, clarity, and gratitude for the earth, for each other, and for ourselves. Beginning in 2014, Fiorucci turned her artmaking craft toward fashion and fiber art, using her skills in illustration, printmaking, and sewing to create elaborate designs celebrating the natural world through upcycled apparel, cloth bags, beaded jewelry, and fabric art pieces. Joined by her late husband, Emmanuel Love Borketey, whose vision was to bring the vibrant energy of his Ghanaian culture to the United States, Lionsphere became a collaborative art and fashion brand, incorporating bold designs, collage, beadwork, and the colorful patterns and imagery of her husband’s roots. Today, Lionsphere continues to honor his memory and spirit through the special Love Line apparel designs. Each Lionsphere piece aims to uplift and empower, encouraging us to embrace our inner strengths, to flourish, to lead, to surround ourselves with love, and to find unity through unique self-expression.

Shanna Fiorucci Bio/ Artist Statement:

Lionsphere is embodied by its founder, artist Shanna Fiorucci, whose work aims to enliven us, to encourage self-love, to tune us in and connect us with ourselves and the world around us, and to find both gratitude and growth in the divine layers of life. From an early age, Fiorucci’s creative spirit was full of fire and inspired by a love of ecology and bookmaking. A Rochester regional native, her precocious artistic talents garnered important opportunities such as a spot in New York State’s Odyssey of the Mind program and she was later selected to study under Rochester’s Lori Harpool while in high school. Her prowess in the visual arts led her to the Cleveland Institute of Art where she completed a year of study. During her travels, Fiorucci’s artistic calling shifted toward fiber arts and silkscreen printing, using her work to raise environmental consciousness and encourage spiritual communion with ourselves and our surroundings. Fiorucci’s journey brought her to Naples, NY, where she homesteaded and farmed for a number of years before moving to Ithaca, NY where she met her late husband, Emmanuel Love Borketey, a traditional dancer and master drummer from Nungua, Ghana. Fiorucci’s craft continued to expand, incorporating more collage and silkscreen into her art and creating beadwork and fashion pieces inspired by her husband’s homeland. Today, Fiorucci’s aim stays true to her roots as an artist, dancer, mother, and creative spirit: her imagery enlivens others, calling us to awaken to ourselves and this world, encouraging self-love and growth, and helping us recognize the beauty, inspiration, and gratitude that empowers us to walk the path of the lion.