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I Am Good Vibes

I Am Good Vibes

I am Good Vibes – Affirmations have a way of unlocking our potential if focused correctly. Whether it be while exercising or gallivanting about in the world, this collection of Lionsphere’s “I am..” design was created with the intention to give the wearer the opportunity to solidify high vibration. While this design was made to be more intimate, reminding YOU of what YOU really are, it also has the potential to attract other high vibing individuals with its bright contrasting color combos and empowering statements.

Affirmations: I am confident. I am successful. I am the light. I am love. I am powerful. I am secure. I am worthy. I am joyful. I am enough. I am valuable. I am flourishing. I am prosperity.

Variations offered: Purple/Aqua, Blue/Lime, Yellow/Pink

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